Please understand that X and Z Productions is not a charity itself. All donated money will be used to further build and expand our game development capabilities and help keep our games free of charge, so we can reach the largest audience possible.

A Portion of our Games Revenue....

We are going to be implementing a "Donate Coins" button in our games. This button will allow you to donate coins you have earned while playing the game. At the end of each month we will tally the total coins donated and compare them to the total coins earned in that same month overall. The percentage donated will be the controlling factor as to how much we will be donating. We will donate up to 10% of that months profits from that game.

This will be donated to a charity that reflects the theme of that particular game. Take for instance our game Insanity Run Amuck, this is a fun ocean themed game. So at the end of the cycle we will evaluate how much has been set aside, then find a suitable ocean based charity. We want to make sure that our contribution will have the largest impact.


Supporting an Idea or movement declares your commitment to help solve a problem. Our goal is to put resources directly into the hands of people engaged in work we consider important. Too often, people think there is nothing they can do to solve the world's problems; when in fact, they have the power to make a direct impact on any cause they feel passionately about.

We want to make an impact in the lives of as many people as we can.

Frankly… We just want to make a difference and to give back to society.