Our Approach To Releasing Alamar…

Our approach is 5 steps:

1. Release of Wizards of Alamar for PC. This adventure will be based out of your village using a system of portals to explore the world. There will be ever expanding quests that will allow you to evolve your character into the Wizard you would like.  And will of course be set in a wizard theme and all village defenses will be using magic. 

2. Release Knights and Rouges of Alamar for PC. This will of course be set in a Knight theme and all village defenses will be using your armies.  

3. WAR! Build an interactive platform between the two games allowing one player the ability to attack another players village which will be found on a global map. Where-in, if the attacking person is successful they will haul off half the treasure of the other player. Knights will use armies to defend and wizards will use Magic. When attacking you will use your character to try and defeat the other players defenses and get to the throne room.

4. Expand to mobile platforms.

5. Then once we have these under control and stable we will start work on Armies Of Alamar. Both the Wizards and the Knights games will be the underlying support games for Armies of Alamar. This is will be a persistent MMO PC game combining a beautiful castle building process with a world that allows the player to interact with everyone at every level. Conquer lands and become the leader of a county or even a Prince of the Realm. If you are really ambitious, you could even find yourself on the throne itself. Become the merchant or farmer that trades with cities and players. Ambush wagons as they go to market as a shadowy thief. The choice is limitless.