This was a pretty big update... 

--Added this patch--

-Quest 10 is the introduction of the inner workings of 'The Roaming Tower'. This will be a important part in your game and will house all your magical items. You will be able to unlock artifacts, new wands and much more... that we aren't going into right now.

-A New main character. This character will allow for better animations and will have added items to it, in the coming weeks.

-Tab system for the magic store. This was a pretty big re-write that will allow us to properly display all the new wands and other items in the village.

-The handling of wands and magical artifacts within the code has been rewritten and expanded upon. This is important because within the next few updates you will be allowed to arm yourself with different wands for different quests.

-The GUI is in the process of getting a face lift and getting a more streamline look. This will allow we hope better and faster game play.

-- future patches --

-Working on a resolution scale to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or full screen. (Again this is driving Zygy nuts! You need to understand that he is a perfectionist to a whole new level!)

-Adding a main character selection process. First will be a choice between male and female. Then we will add in different magical and non-magical races and a host of other things that will allow the player to further personalize the game. These changes will be gradually introduced over the next few months.

-Adding the ability to name your character.

-Working on new door puzzles to add some variety.

-Working on a few new spell and wand ideas to mix up combat a bit.

-Have some magical defensive items that will be released shortly.

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