This Update is dedicated to Assassin a fellow player in Alamar and a huge help with our discord channel.

 Devlog 1.1.14 

 -- added this patch -- 

Quest 12 

Added the assassin as a playable character 

Added sound effects to gems, hearts, ice shelves, and boulders. more sound effects are still on the way 

E to enter portals. 

We cleaned up the portal building alot as well so you don't have to jump into the portals anymore. 

Some new art will be released in the next couple updates to make the building even cooler.  

Linux version is available tomorrow. It takes aproximately 4 hours for me to build for linux right now so i do it over night. I am working on a better solution for this. It should run in ubuntu but i am unsure of any other linux distribution, so please join our discord and let us know what works and what doesn't.  


-- future patches -- 

Login system. This will allow us to sync with patreon and give patrons extra rooms in some quests, unique spells, and some special side quests. 

Working on a sound rework that will add volume controls for spells, ambient, etc 

Working on a resolution scale to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or fullscreen. 

Working on a few new door puzzles to add some variety. 

Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit. 

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