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X and Z Productions started out as a couple of guys just wanting to make good games. Now... well we are a little bigger now, but are still those two guys at heart.

Our latest game, Wack-A-Tard, has a slight political bend to it you might say. Why did we do this? Well every once in a while you need to take a stand in life and call out stupidity for what it is. It is not our intention to smear or defame anyone. We want to show just how crazy this entire political system is becoming. Our goal is to use the power of games to shine a light on this troubling epidemic befalling out nation.  Wack-A-Tard is our first step down this path. 

So join us!

Download our games and help spread the word about what we are doing here. Lets make a difference and have fun while doing it. 

The X and Z team shares dozens of years’ worth of experience in gaming and website design, striving to become better with each passing day. We are always open to partnerships and joint endeavors. So please feel free to contact us. 




3D Maze : Space Quest is a modern twist to a classic maze puzzle. Use our simple controls to guide you through the 3D maze to find the finish markers. Enter and explore the 3D Maze worlds of the Zorgog Galaxy, and conquer each world before you. Use powerful Power-Ups to race through the mazes to get the best time ever. Leap over walls effortlessly or even tear down a pesky wall in your way. If you get lost use the compass to help guide you through the Maze. 3D Maze : Space Quest is a fun and exciting game the whole family can enjoy.

·         Easy play, NONE of that awkward tilt controls or unresponsive accelerometer.

·         Mazes have been made by hand, no randomized levels.

·         Maze updates will come out on a regular basis.

·         Mazes vary in difficulty.

·         Beautiful 3D layout.

·         Collect Coins to buy power ups.

·         Multi-Level Mazes

·         Obstacle Course Mazes

·         It’s FREE

This is our first venture into Maze games and we are excited to hear back from you. Any and all ideas are welcomed and we plan on putting up updates, fixes and new mazes regularly. We have a PC version of the game on our website. Check us out. Please take a moment to rate us in the play store and maybe even leave a review.


Political Wars Trump is a must have for every fan or hater of President Donald Trump.

Pick a side and help take back control from crazy politicians, by wacking those that pull the strings in Political Wars Trump. There is all out Political War between not only Trump and the Democrats but Trump and the Press as well. Help defend immigrants against Trump's wall or help Trump drain the swamp. Wack as many Politicians as you can in 60 action-packed seconds while using powerful Power Ups to dominate.




Enter the free version of our underwater realm of colorful insanity. Navigate your way through 20 levels of the watery kingdom of DryLand. Combat the diabolical boss using your wits and some pretty crazy weapons. Collect coins to buy power ups and new exciting skins for your character. Try out our three endless runners and see if you have what it takes.

Randy the Crazed rabbit is back and loopy as ever. Try our newest version with multiple levels. Soar through the clouds dodging storms and lightning in our new endless runner. Racing Randy captures the free spirit of flying. Collect coins to buy power-ups in the in-game store. Conquer the skies and cover the distance needed to rank high in the leader boards. Come on… what do you have to loose…. IT’S FREE.




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